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I created this consulting service to help parents navigate life with an autistic child or young adult. I can offer support and advice on a wide range of topics like reasons to consider or not to homeschool your child. What can you do to support your child who attends public or private school? How about academics, sports, or attending church together as a family? The chapters on goal setting are endless.


Autism is abstract and personal. In discussions with parents of children with ASD, common behavior traits were identical, but when, how and the degree of these traits were exhibited were not. A fundamental goal was to help my children adapt and relate to their environments so as to be social but in a peripheral way, which was a gentler manner. In incorporating many activities, l learned they were either wrong or simply too demanding at the time. Timing and development of skills make all the difference.

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My first son received a diagnosis of autism shortly before turning two. The news left us fearful as I was one month and a half away from the birth of our second son. Nothing could have prepared us to receive such a diagnosis with so little understanding in the late 90’s. My second son showed normal milestone developments, yet atypical behavioral traits started to become more pronounced with age receiving an Aspergers diagnosis by the age of eleven. A course action for autism was poorly explained and demonstrated. Treatments were expensive and insurance coverage for such a diagnosis was denied.  


Because autism showed itself in such an erratic and a take-hold way, I became unwilling to cave into autism and its pursuit to develop a set of behavioral traits that would determine when and how my child could be. I wanted to become an interference to autism.


The answer to how it all went wrong was never going to be found, yet that did not stop me from consulting the best doctors I could find. I was able to learn from a variety of good specialists about the undoing effects autism had on a child, but I was never told what the nature of autism was to become. Rightfully so, no one had a crystal ball. 


I thank God that I was given the opportunity to sit side by side with my children daily for 20 years to track the development of both milestones and autism as they do coincide in direct competition with each other.


How you decide to shape your child’s autism is entirely up to you. With all I have experienced, my hope is that I can bring some answers or ideas for you to consider on making a difference in your own child’s life as I did with mine.   




Please fill out the contact form below with your name and contact information in the message box. State one area of most concern to you.

My fee is $75 for 50 minutes. Payment must be made prior to consult.  I use Paypal as a secured online payment system. Paypal accepts all types of credit cards. I can also use Zelle, Venmo, etc. if needed.

Every parent has his own understanding of his child. This is why it is important to state your one area of concern. If I am not able to help, I will respond to you that I cannot assist. If I have, I will forward information on other resources for you to consider.

Yes. We will discuss the areas in which you struggle. I will guide you towards the types of therapy you may need.

Not necessarily. It can be in addition to or an entirely different therapy. This is dependent on your child’s development and the development you want to see.


Fill out the contact form below to schedule an online or phone consultation. I will contact you to determine the date and time for your consult. 

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In this episode of Rollin’ with Ray, you will meet the remarkable Terry Dewberry. Terry is the parent of two sons who were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Doctors often told Terry and her husband it was uncertain if their children would ever lead a normal life, leaving the family in a constant state of fear of not knowing what could possibly be done. Terry started exploring avenues to educate her sons and eventually developed her own niche in homeschooling. Her two sons are now young adults and leading remarkable lives, something Terry and her husband never imagined possible. Terry goes into detail on how she and her husband overcame the challenges of ASD. Come and follow along on her journey.